Jambotunes allows you to access unmatched and seamless flow of songs – from classics, old school favorites to the latest hits including the future hits by your favorite and upcoming artists. It is simple, press play to sample ,listen or stream anything you like and buy.. Jambotunes is a dedicated online music distribution platform/application for entertainment content such as music, artists, in addition to advertisers. This platform allows the user to download audio/video either supported by unique advertising content and/or purchase high quality, inspiring, romantic, and authentic audio/video or streams at low costs through available online as well as mobile payment alternatives. Likewise, artists can sell and sponsor their song[s], films or movies here while receiving high revenues generated from sales and download. Also, advertisers can use the platform to market and promote their products and services either through high quality audio jingles attached to video/audio that are downloaded or through high resolution poster adverts on jambotunes.com site.


Jambotunes Profile Jambotunes is a global one stop shop for all the latest music,video,films and other types of entertainment content available locally and globally. Jambotune platform allows you to access and buy all music genres such as Bongo Flava, hardcore rap,soul, Rhumba, Benga, R&B,jazz, Afrofusion, Hip Hop, Reggae, Lingala, Samba, Kwaito, Praise and worship songs including diverse content such as inspirational speeches from renown statesmen, sheikhs, imams and preachers among others or download or stream any content songs from all your favorite artists.